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Serenje Orphans Children's Home


lovingly supported



SOCH ('Serenje Orphans Childrens Home')  has been operating since 2004 as an orphanage in Serenje, a small rural town in Zambia, some 500km from the capital city, Lusaka. Presently residing at SOCH are 20 children mainly of Primary School age. Children leaving SOCH have continued to be supported by SOCH through various initiatives. SOCH is an officially registered ngo in Zambia (DRNGO 101/0832/18). 

BREAKING NEWS: Please read this message from the Founder about the Future direction of SOCH: FEBRUARY 2023 BREAKING NEWS - FUTURE OF SOCH

Mission Statement of SOCH

SOCH empowers vulnerable children by providing a loving and caring home environment where they receive  adequate feeding and basic education as well as life skills.

Latest News

Please take a look at some exciting developments which will increase self-sustainability at the SOCH so that it can continue to make a big difference in the lives of disadvantaged children in Serenje.

How to Donate

We really need all the support we can get to keep SOCH running during the economic crisis that is impacting everyone. Please donate via the page. Thank you so much for your generosity.

This photo was taken 10 years ago. You should see this young man now, after he has enjoyed the love, care and access to education that the SOCH is providing for him and other children.

Read about his story and that of others: 'Children being supported'

Here is SOCH Inn, a guesthouse in Serenje providing accommodation for local travellers. Profits from it help support the running of SOCH.

Interested to know how else we are building sustainability into SOCH?  

Read about our sustainability efforts: 'Sustainability projects'

How does SOCH find the funds that it needs to provide food, clothing and education for the children who live at the site, and for those who have now left their care?

Read about the supporting charities: ' How do we help?'

If you want to see photos and videos, and read details of the great progress of SOCH over the years, there are many items here for you to enjoy.

See the gallery and read about the growth of SOCH: 'Photos, videos, reports'